2016 election

We Are: Meant To Come Together

Last night we had a full house at our election party. As election numbers rolled in I looked around and saw fear and anger on the faces of so many. Some on the verge of tears. We are a diverse group, Haven and Youvolution. We are young and old, men and women, gay and bi and straight, immigrants and children of immigrants, white, brown and black. We shared the space and our fears.

To me last night marked a very low point in our country in my lifetime. It also lit a fire in me. To push even harder towards the vision I have to empower changemakers from minority backgrounds, those who don't feel they fit. Women, and all minorities. These are my people, they have always been.

I woke up heavy hearted this morning knowing I had to tell my 8 year old daughter that Trump won the election. This beautiful soul, born the year Obama was elected. When I told her, she cried. And then so did I. I sat there with my coffee, holding her, not sure what to say. Her father is an immigrant from Haiti who got his citizenship the year before we elected Obama. He is living the American dream. My beautiful mixed race family represents my perspective and my intent. To be open and welcoming and to embrace our diversity, it is our strength. 

As I look around our space today, our Haven, I'm feeling somber and sad, and prayerful. 

May this election pull some incredible dreamers and changemakers to their feet, may we see their fire and passion, and may I get to play a part in supporting them. 

We are meant to come together. To all of you, who show up here in this space pursuing your dreams and passions, who share your struggles and your victories, thank you. You give me courage for the road ahead.