To Be A Dreamer...

As the sun sets, the big upstairs room is quiet. Each founder has found a corner, journal in hand. Tonight the prompt I gave them was “What does it mean to be a dreamer?”

This is core to our mission at The Un.Inc, to model what it means to believe. To recommit each moment to the journey. It means getting back up when you get knocked down. It means choosing belief over and over again. It means willingness to be vulnerable. It means wearing your heart on your sleeve. It means being tough enough to handle rejection too, and strong enough in your own intent to continue to pursue your path no matter what obstacles come your way.

This cohort is special. All so intentional and focused. Walking alongside each other, rallying with each other.

I bring them back to the big table to share what they have explored. What they shared was so inspiring that I asked them if I could share their responses.

We so often struggle with owning our journeys as dreamers, continuing to show up raw and real. May this inspire you on your own path:

  • To be a dreamer it takes guts, imagination, intuition, consciousness. It is a spiritual evolution and an adventure into the unknown. It’s a natural call from your spirit. It’s a gift that is given to you so that in turn you can give it back to the world.

  • Dreaming is remaining steadfast to our vision with fortitude and resilience regardless of challenges or others (dis)approvals

  • To be a dreamer means being a deviant

  • To be a dreamer you must be:

    • resilient

    • hopeful

    • curious

    • gutsy