We Make It Real

We Make It Real

In the rise,
in the fall,
in the day by day,
in the walking, and running,
and in the act of believing
it is possible.

Without out belief
there would be no journey.
No triumph,
no pain,
no pursuit,
no glory.

Without you,
your dream is only a phantom.

Onward, Dreamer.

— —

We Make It Real

Dreamers are always being told they can’t. And for some of us, that fuels us even more. It fuels the journey, to create something meaningful, the struggle to combat the daily doubts, from within and without.

I’ve learned many things in the last 2 years of building The Un.Inc. Perhaps one of the most powerful, is that we make it real. By this, I mean that Ben and I have made the Un.Inc real, through our dedication, through continuing to show up even when we’re failing. Through leaky roofs, homelessness, pain, debt, and fear. Through dirty worn out shoes, even.

I want to take a moment to remind you this morning. You make it real. Each of you has a unique gift and vision, which can only come to life when you own it, pursue it, speak it. Without your belief and pursuit, it dies, or shrinks back into the shadows.

To each of you on this journey — we believe you have what it takes. We know you do.

Make it real, Dreamer.