Risk Being Fully Yourself

This week we've been hosting dinners each night to kick off our new cohorts at the Un.Incubator. The food is simple and the premise is too - let's connect and let's get to know one another. Let's be present. Let's listen. Let's see what evolves, if we bring dreamers around a table and hold the space for them to share, risk and create.

This is our 3rd quarter of the Un.Incubator and the first time that I have been filled with such creative excitement. Because building this business is teaching me to trust more, risk more, love more, and most of all to be present more. With each new dreamer I meet, I become more and more courageous. To each of you, thank you for bringing your heart and soul with you. For being willing to re-invent over and over, in pursuit. For teaching me each day. It is lonely and often deeply mortifying to risk financially, professionally, and personally to live into your dreams and bring them to life. To create what you have never seen. But there is nothing else I can imagine doing with my life.

I opened one of my favorite books this morning for a visit to several dog-eared pages. This quote jumped out at me, stronger now than ever in my life:

"The gifts you have been given in this life do not belong to you alone. They belong to everyone. Do not be selfish and withhold them. Don't imprison yourself in a lifestyle that holds your spirit hostage and provides no spontaneity or grace in your life. Risk being yourself fully. Let go of the expectations others have for you and get in touch with what brings you the greatest joy and fulfillment. Live from the inside out, not from the outside in." - Paul Ferrini