Preposterous and Passionate

For years I heard my gut, but didn't honor it. I mean, I listened. But I didn't make decisions based on that intuition. I could tell you that I was immature or inexperienced. And that I was raised midwestern and stoic. That would be part of it. But truly, I think I was always afraid to do it. I mean, what happens when you follow your gut ALL THE TIME? Do you make it in this world? Who is preposterous enough to do that?

Some will say that it's preposterous to pursue this gut of mine, as a woman. To march out on my own and create my vision. And that it's even more unrealistic to think that a woman of color, a gay man, or a transgender individual could make it. That as minorities the odds are stacked against us, and we should be "reasonable". Play the game, find a way to get a seat at the "man's table". I say, don't let those barriers sway you, let them motivate you. Through your experiences as an outsider or a misfit, through all those moments when you didn't feel accepted or understood, you have gained more empathy, more drive, more scrap and grit, than so many. That's yours to use, that's powerful.

For me, the inspiration that gets me up every day is the opportunity to support other dreamers in their pursuit of their passion. Being present means living this life fully. Fully engaged, fully passionate, leaving it all on the table each day and not holding back. Creating a safe space for others to do the same. Connecting people from different backgrounds, who share common passions and struggles and watching them come alive as they collaborate.

More often than not this year, as I pursue my vision with abandon (and sometime reckless abandon!) I find myself rejoicing.

Rejoice: The definition means to "show great joy". That means actively living it, not just feeling it on the inside and filtering or guarding your expression. For this midwestern girl, that capability has been 30+ years in the making. But I can feel it becoming my normal. And trust me, if I can experience life like this, so can you. Any of you. So go ahead, be preposterous in pursuit of your passion!