Can't Rain On Our Social Enterprise!

Yesterday at Haven I co-hosted an afternoon NewCo session, with Ben Gibson, Founder of local social enterprise Youvolution. An hour before our outdoor session, the skies opened up and it started to pour rain. We looked at each other and decided, the show must go on! We had a fantastic turnout, despite the rain, and we ended up putting all the chairs underneath our small tent, so we could give our attendees somewhere to sit. It was much more intimate than we had planned, and in fact I think it turned out just as was meant to.

We shared about our journeys as social entrepreneurs, and the real challenges we have overcome, our failures, and the challenges we still face ahead. Our goal with the session was to shed the usual formalities and talk from our hearts. We shared the stage (well, the umbrellas!) with Courtney Santana, Founder of Survive2Thrive Foundation and Jessie Rodriguez, a filmmaker with Youvolution. Their stories were real and full of both discouragement and hope for the road ahead.

One of our attendees messaged me this after the event and said this:

"The event was awesome even though it was pouring down rain no one left and listen to the four speakers the entire time. I was so inspired and energized and just juiced up -- I'm so bummed I don't have a business to go start!"

This is exactly the kind of feedback and support that energizes me to keep doing what I am with Haven, creating environments were we can get real and inspire one another to carry on with our dreams.

For those of you who weren't able to join us, I encourage you to check out our speakers and their work, or connect with them if you want to collaborate!

  • Ben Gibson: Youvolution (@yvimpact)
  • Jessie Rodriquez: Filmmaker (@jessiepeliculas)
  • Courtney Santana: Survive2Thrive Foundation (@survive2thrivef)

A huge thanks to Createscape for hosting us in the back yard, and to the Youvolution team for helping produce this whole event, even in the rain! And the ladies of Eslena, thank you for bringing your spirit, and your yummy lemonade drinks for everyone!