a jump start for impact organizations

We've recently launched our new workshop events, and it has been heartening to see such a diverse set of causes and organizations interested in participating. This summer we featured the YWCA Austin and tiny-home social enterprise, GroHomes. Our goal is to facilitate a strategy session to help you tackle the very real challenge of bringing your audience to life. We'll invite a small group of cross-disciplinary experts for you to brainstorm alongside. These events are meant to be informal, safe spaces to come together, collaborate, connect with peers and potential business resources, and come away with a strategic jump-start for your business.

We’ve seen the advantages of this format, and of providing executives with a cost-effective way to explore ideas and tackle real challenges, outside of your day-to-day environment and team. You’ll also come away with practical insight using marketing and agency problem-solving frameworks.

After the session, we'll provide you with a digital packet which will include a condensed summary, the workshop outcomes, and some ideas for next steps. We'll also connect you directly with all of your fellow collaborators, in the case that you'd like to continue the discussion.


ready to participate in an upcoming workshop?

We're seeing a great response, so please apply now if you'd like to book one of the open dates this year:

September 13, 7pm

September 27, 7pm

October 11, 7pm

October 25, 7pm


Interested in being included on our roster of experts, or being a featured organization in the future? We want to hear from you. For the solo-practitioners: you will gain authentic face-time with organizations who are doing good work, connections with fellow impact-focused solo-practitioners, and the chance to hone your skills and give back.

Haven’s branding workshop was like a Pareto Analysis of our company’s’ marketing. In a single night, we were able to derive what the MOST impactful avenues of approach were in accomplishing our goal.
— Rodney Curry, Director of Supply Chain & Logistics, GroHomes