Haven is a community of women, the fearless dreamers among us. We represent a wide variety of ages and backgrounds and we’re tied together by our dreams to bring positive change to our neighborhoods and networks.


in Fall 2016 we LAUNCHed THE UN.INCUBATOR, A NEW APPROACH TO EMPOWERING SOCIAL INNOVATORS IN AUSTIN. IT'S DESIGNED FOR WOMEN and all minorities, with the intent to nourish and empower social impact in our communities.





We’re focused on supporting you as a social entrepreneur, whether you find yourself starting a new social enterprise or nonprofit, working for a nonprofit or volunteering. We bring together experts in business, empowerment, mindfulness and health to keep you energized along your journey. Our focus at Haven is not about churning out new businesses, although we empower that, it’s about supporting the whole woman and her career in social impact.


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